Beautiful things mesmerise me, captivate me, draw me in. Cool droplets hanging off the branches after rain, the rhythmic swaying of the trees in the cool breeze, the freshly washed rosy faces of my kids in pj’s waiting for goodnight cuddles. Don’t you sometimes just want to bottle them up!

I think I was painting my son’s bedroom walls when I heard Gungor’s ‘Beautiful things’ for the first time. I think I cried. The beauty of the music itself, the ebb and flow of rhythm, the swelling crescendos, the deep raw tones of the cello, spoke to a hunger in my soul that was greater than I’d thought, a desire to be immersed in beautiful things. But something more than that too.

I never really gave myself the label “CREATIVE”, it was always other people who said it about me. In fact, I can’t think of a time when I thought, I’m a creative person, on the contrary, as I grew up I increasingly heard people say about themselves, I’m NOT creative!

When I was a child, I just thought that everyone was creative, that that’s the way people are! I’m blessed that I got to grow up in an environment where creativity was nurtured. As a daughter of an artist/art teacher and a creative business entrepreneur, creativity was just a part of life!

It was only when people started to label me as creative, and when they labeled themselves as not creative, that being creative became a part of my own identity. But I couldn’t understand why everyone else would take on the identity of being not creative!

Dear Creatives,

I’m Sarah Gee, the founder of Created Creative Collective.

Created Creative Collective is for me a labour of love, a work in progress, a creative work.

I feel so privileged to get to chat with Creatives, who are Created to Be Creative. Hearing their dreams, their inspiration, their heart for creativity and for others, inspires me and propels me. They make me feel like I can step out into creativity too. And I really want to share their stories with you!

My dream is that their stories will inspire you, just as they inspire me, and that together our stories will form a great artwork in Creation, a moving piece, that gathers speed and momentum, like a rushing river, that crescendos into a creative waterfall, splashing over with love, healing, hope and joy.

I don’t know where the river is going … yet. But I believe that creative and wonderful things will happen as we gather as Creatives, Created to Create. I hope that you will join us for the ride!

love, Sarah Gee

Founder of Created Creative Collective

(I love doing lots of creative things. You’re welcome to check out some of my photography here… Wildflower Photography)

There’s something about creativity that takes you to another place. Like floating on the ocean, waiting for a wave to catch, you forget about all earthly things and enjoy the peace and stillness of the sparkling warm sky above and the coolness of the saltwater that carries you. You feel the surge of the wave pulling you, and in a moment you choose: to dive under, letting the white water crash over you; or, to float above it, letting the surging water raise you up to the height of the wave; or, to turn towards shore and stretch your arms out in front, letting the wave carry you as far as it wills.

Everything else is forgotten. You feel the power of the ocean, its speed, and your own lightness, as you fly at the mercy of the wave, chilly saltwater pouring off you, you rise, exhilarated, from the ocean floor.

You squint towards the beach umbrella and towels. “Did you see that?!,” and raise your arms triumphantly.

Such is creativity, a force that you can’t ignore. So much larger than you, it’s a whisper that you hear as a roar. It’s something you feel in your spirit, that isn’t just for you.

You want to shout, “can you see that?!”, “can you feel that?!”, “do you know that?!”.

But they can’t, and they won’t … unless you ride the wave, unless you let it pick you up and hurl you towards the beach (not knowing where it will take you or how far), unless they see you rise triumphantly (with sand stuck in all the wrong places), and unless you beckon them in … to see, to feel, to know.


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