Embracing boredom these holidays

I love the idea of boredom! To me boredom means ‘freedom!’ to do whatever I want. It means I have enough time to breathe, to think, to dream, and to create! In the end boredom leads to enjoyment and creation. But try telling your kids that! Kids equate boredom with the end of the world! And if they are at school five days a week, with after school activities and weekend parties and events, no wonder they find boredom hard to cope with. They are used to being busy, entertained, engaged, and rushed!

But boredom is one of the best emotions our kids can feel. I encourage my kids to embrace it!

“Embrace the boredom!,” I say. “That’s where creativity begins!”

I’m enthusiastically greeted with groans. Isn’t boredom painful?! But no matter what the kids say, I stick to my guns. One of my kids is particularly good at wearing me down when it comes to wanting a turn on the iPad. Once I told him that we should celebrate our boredom, as it’s an opportunity for our creativity to grow. He took this as a cue to run up and down the hallway screaming joyously “I’m bored! I’m bored!” at the top of his lungs. I think I promptly handed him an iPad!

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Need to get refreshed this weekend? We’ve all had those weeks where we’ve been busy, stressed-out, under-the-pump, completely frazzled, and maybe even feeling like we are losing our sanity! The weekend is coming, and all we want to do is curl up on the lounge with a good book … or curl up in a ball in a dark room! But we can’t get refreshed, because there is housework to do, kids to take to sport, baking to be done for that family event, groceries to buy and a lawn to mow! And in all that craziness, we are still thinking about the things that stressed us out at work on Tuesday, or the pile of work to go back to on Monday!

In all the demands and busy-ness, how can you get the refreshing and relaxation that your soul and mind desperately need?!

Here are 6 reasons why doing something creative will help you get refreshed this weekend!

Beautiful things mesmerise me, captivate me, draw me in. Cool droplets hanging off the branches after rain, the rhythmic swaying of the trees in the cool breeze, the freshly washed rosy faces of my kids in pj’s waiting for goodnight cuddles. Don’t you sometimes just want to bottle them up!

I think I was painting my son’s bedroom walls when I heard Gungor’s ‘Beautiful things’ for the first time. I think I cried. The beauty of the music itself, the ebb and flow of rhythm, the swelling crescendos, the deep raw tones of the cello, spoke to a hunger in my soul that was greater than I’d thought, a desire to be immersed in beautiful things. But something more than that too.

I never really gave myself the label “CREATIVE”, it was always other people who said it about me. In fact, I can’t think of a time when I thought, I’m a creative person, on the contrary, as I grew up I increasingly heard people say about themselves, I’m NOT creative!

When I was a child, I just thought that everyone was creative, that that’s the way people are! I’m blessed that I got to grow up in an environment where creativity was nurtured. As a daughter of an artist/art teacher and a creative business entrepreneur, creativity was just a part of life!

It was only when people started to label me as creative, and when they labeled themselves as not creative, that being creative became a part of my own identity. But I couldn’t understand why everyone else would take on the identity of being not creative!

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