Dear Creatives,

I’m Sarah Gee, the founder of Created Creative Collective.

Created Creative Collective is for me a labour of love, a work in progress, a creative work.

I feel so privileged to get to chat with Creatives, who are Created to Be Creative. Hearing their dreams, their inspiration, their heart for creativity and for others, inspires me and propels me. They make me feel like I can step out into creativity too. And I really want to share their stories with you!

My dream is that their stories will inspire you, just as they inspire me, and that together our stories will form a great artwork in Creation, a moving piece, that gathers speed and momentum, like a rushing river, that crescendos into a creative waterfall, splashing over with love, healing, hope and joy.

I don’t know where the river is going … yet. But I believe that creative and wonderful things will happen as we gather as Creatives, Created to Create. I hope that you will join us for the ride!

love, Sarah Gee

Founder of Created Creative Collective

(I love doing lots of creative things. You’re welcome to check out some of my photography here… Wildflower Photography)