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Need to get refreshed this weekend? We’ve all had those weeks where we’ve been busy, stressed-out, under-the-pump, completely frazzled, and maybe even feeling like we are losing our sanity! The weekend is coming, and all we want to do is curl up on the lounge with a good book … or curl up in a ball in a dark room! But we can’t get refreshed, because there is housework to do, kids to take to sport, baking to be done for that family event, groceries to buy and a lawn to mow! And in all that craziness, we are still thinking about the things that stressed us out at work on Tuesday, or the pile of work to go back to on Monday!

In all the demands and busy-ness, how can you get the refreshing and relaxation that your soul and mind desperately need?!

Here are 6 reasons why doing something creative will help you get refreshed this weekend!

  1. Creativity creates satisfaction

While being creative may seem like an extra thing to do in a busy weekend, it’s actually a more satisfying thing to do, and it will bring you joy! Think about it, you’ve been working hard all week, earning money … sometimes doing things that you don’t love. Now it’s time to do something that you do love!

Finishing a creative work creates a sense of satisfaction. You’ve created something, beautiful or interesting, simply because you wanted to, and it feels good!

Last weekend, I finally painted my foyer and creatively put new photos up, it looks amazing and I love it! Every time I leave the house I feel satisfied with my creative interior design work.

Doing something creative doesn’t even have to take a long time, it might simply be going outside and setting up a brilliant photo at sunrise. Looking at that photo will bring you satisfaction and joy in your completed creative work, adding to you feeling refreshed.

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  1. Creativity takes your mind off things!

When you get into a creative groove, you forget about your worries and stresses, and become entirely engrossed in the creative process. This will give you a sense of peace, and you’ll realise that the things that have been consuming your mind, are not as big as you thought they were. You’ll feel more refreshed and energised when Monday comes around!

Is there an instrument you haven’t picked up for a while? Maybe it’s time to dust off the guitar in the corner and create some funky tunes!

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  1. Creativity brings you down to earth

There’s something about being creative that feels so earthy and soulful. Playing an instrument, making things with your hands, building, writing with pen and paper, even planting a garden, all bring us back to a simpler time and a simpler way. While you’re making things with your hands, you are using your senses to see, feel, listen, smell, and even taste (if you’re creating a new dessert for that family do).

Creativity can be a little less cerebral than the usual working day, and you can be tactile and hands on, as if you’ve grabbed some clay right out of the ground to sculpt something with.

You can get the feeling that you’re living in an older time, tuning-in to the nature around you, breathing deeper and feeling a part of creation.

#happyweekend #relax #creative #refreshed


  1. Creativity lifts you up

Being creative and using your imagination brings pleasure! So while work and being busy with chores can make you feel tired and grumpy, activating your creativity will bring you joy. It might even bring enough joy that it will help you get through your tasks more cheerfully. Even looking forward to having some creative time for yourself can make you feel good!

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  1. Creativity helps you solve problems

While, yes, creativity does help take your mind off things, sometimes while being creative, your mind becomes so relaxed, that you are actually able to solve the problems that you’ve been worrying about. When your mind is in a state of stress and worry, it’s hard to solve problems. But when you activate your brain’s creativity, you are able to engage with problems from a positive problem solving mindset.

There is a lot of research into the effect of learning an instrument on our brains. It turns out that learning an instrument is one of the most beneficial things you can do to help your brain. Music reaches into all parts of the brain in a unique way. Research shows that music helps with speech processing and learning for children, with stroke rehabilitation, and even helps to inhibit dementia and cognitive impairment.

So for great lifelong brain health, consider adding learning an instrument to your weekend routine.

#creative #happyweekend #relax #refreshed

  1. Creativity makes the world a better place

How boring would it be if we only ever followed orders and routine and did only what we have to do?! Creativity makes the world a better place! Your creativity in your home, in your family, even in your work, makes the world a better place for you and for others! Creating a garden that is playful, magical and wonderful for your kids and your neighbours’ kids makes the world a better place. Creating a photo wall of all your family’s adventures makes your memories richer and makes your home a warmer place. Filling the air with musical tunes not only blesses and refreshes you, but it refreshes those around you who get to dance or hum along.

And after a weekend of getting refreshed creatively, you might just bring back some of that creativity to your workplace. You might solve a problem that makes work life better, or maybe you’ll just bring in a creative creation for morning tea that makes your colleagues a little bit happier.

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So this weekend, do something creative that makes your heart sing, something that lifts you and others up, something that renews your brain and restores your soul! Or you can curl up in a ball … it’s up to you!

#creative #happyweekend #guitar #sing #refreshed


So that’s all from us! What creative things do you do that make you feel refreshed?!

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